impala Hills øldåser, beer cans
Drink for good moments, not to forget

Enjoy a fresh taste, Light feel and a high alchohol percentage without compromising the authentic experience


A lime beer inspired by the Ugandan climate, brewed for a hot summers day, but yet perfect for any season. With low bitterness, citrus flavour and aroma.



Ugandan pale ale that’s nicely balanced with a touch of sweetness, bitterness and tropical fruit aroma.
This is the kind of beer that makes everybody want to be the first to introduce it to their friends.



An untraditional wheat beer with a tropical twist. A light tasting refreshing beer with mango, pineapple and coconut notes. This beer is designed to be your best companion whether you’re at the beach, at a BBQ or just want to have some fun.


The lightest heavy weight around

Impala Hills make beers with a light feel, subtle but great flavour and a high alchohol volume with an average of 5-6%. Our beers suit most people and most events! You may call us the lightest heavy weight around!

brewed with barley and wheat for a light taste

We brew our beer using only the finest quality wheat and barley. Our materials are carefully handpicked to match our recipes.

laced with lime for a fresh experience

All of our beers are laced with the juice from the lime fruit which contributes to the freshness in our taste.

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