Mission & Vision

Impala Hills is a beer brand with roots in Uganda, England and Denmark.
We strive to create great beers that combine a distinguished flavour, a fairly high alchohol volume and a light taste.

Light feel

A part of Impala Hills mission was to create a beer brand with a light taste that would be loved by both beer lovers and people who normally do not drink beer at all.

well Flavoured

A beer with light taste should most definitly not mean a flavourless beer. Therefore we have acccomplished to produce well flavoured beer that fit numerous occasions.

Alchohol volume

When trying to create both a light and well flavoured beer one could fear that the alchohol volume would be compromised. But with a average of 5% that is not our case.


Drink for good moments not to forget shouldn’t just be said, it should be done. We want our beer to bring out the best of times for people world wide

“I was born in Uganda and raised in the UK. Through my time i have witnessed the social aspect of drinking beer aswell as the personal preferences of so many beer drinkers”

– Founder, Frank Wabwire

Being raised in Luton in London, Impala Hills founder, Frank Wabwire grew up witnessing the english beer culture up close. He was always fascinated with the numerous brands and flavours and the way people choose their favourites.


We would love to give back to the country that inspired Impala Hills, so firstly by opening a brewery in Uganda that allows the people to enjoy our beer, as well as creating initiatives for business and educational opportunities.

“I often ran into people who did not feel like beer was their choice of beverage. The question i kept asking myself was “how can i create a beer that accomodates their needs without loosing everybody in the proces?”

– Founder, Frank Wabwire

When visiting his homeland of Uganda with family, Frank saw that, despite the numerous foreign beer brands that mostly dominated the market, a few Ugandan beers also thrived. He was then inspired to create his own beer with the aim to create a light tasting beer for everyone.


We have plans to invest back into Uganda. Being born in Uganda and being lucky enough to look at the potential of the country from a outside point of view has been one of the driving factors of our ambition.

A better place for the people

We want to make Uganda a better place to live. Therefore our number one plan is to open a brewery in Uganda. This way we can create employment for a lot of people. With the money we create from selling beer we want to invest in others and help startups to further Uganda. We also want to invest in moving schools and doctors closer to the people in need.

Supporting new businesses

Africa has seen a tremendous leap in development the last 20 years. The digital era has furthered knowledge and education in the continent, which has led to a explosion in people willing to engage in startups. However capital is still a barrier. We want to change that and to be a part of the new Ugandan economical reinassance. But we also want to help others do the same.

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